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About Us


 We are Al Seadawy company for the export of herbal and spices, seeds and dehydrated vegetables.

We are a family company working in this field from 1980, and we have established our own company in 2002.

We have the experience qualify us to gain the confidence of major international companies and also we worked with major international companies.

We are overseeing on the production processes of the products from a : z .

We doing our part to support our production lines to our client specifications . Always,

we are providing the best quality combined with the best competitive price and always strive to earn customer satisfaction.


We strive to achieve:

*The company seeks to be one of the best companies exporting for worldwide herbs

*This is based on the provision of high quality and also measure customer satisfaction

*Always strive to earn the confidence of the client.

*The company seeks to deliver the product at a time agreed with the client and also in accordance with the highest degree of quality

*The company seeks to expand in the formation of good working relationships with major international companies

*The Company undertakes to all customers that always  provide them the highest quality products possibly from the first time and every time to achieve the maximum degree of customer satisfaction


Quality Management:

Examined the raw products, and work quality tests required before the start of the operation in the case to be the raw material identical to our needs . Starting in the processing of the product in accordance with the client's needs , and also after the completion of processing of the goods are inspected the final product to make sure of its conformity with the specifications needed by our client.